‘Unpitch’ VCs (and, Thank You Scott Kirsner)

Many good things happened at the MassTLC unConference. One was that Scott Kirsner asked people in the crowd whether they would support a meet-the-VCs event that was free to entrepreneurs.

You see, there are some conferences put up where VCs are invited to speak and entrepreneurs get to pitch them. The former aren’t charged while the latter are. Scott thinks that’s wholly unfair to the entrepreneur, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Fast forward a few weeks.

Lo and behold, Scott and others have pulled together a fantastic list of VCs to hear entrepreneurs’ ideas on December 11. It’s free for the latter.  And, the VCs are paying for lunch. The format will be small group discussions involving a few entrepreneurs and a VC.

Scott calls this the “Unpitch” event. Go to unpitch.org to learn more. It’s being offered in collaboration with the New England Venture Capital Association and Terrible Labs. So, if you’re an entrepreneur, apply here. The deadline is Dec. 1. Hope to see you at the event.

Thank you, Scott! (FYI, his award-winning blog is here).

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