What Is Your Version 2.0 of Yourself?

I’m a huge fan of TED Talks. Here’s a very raw and deep talk by actress Thandie Newton (below, or click here).

She talks about her growth as a person and search for fulfillment. In spite of a brilliant career as a dancer and actress, and a degree from Cambridge University, she suffered from an eating disorder.

My exec. coach talks about how each person’s evolution is like the progress of Apple products: person-hood is not static, but instead evolves and improves. There’s a new version that comes out, but is linked to the previous ones. The key is to keep growing and to be mindful of it.

For me, Jo Tango 1.0 was “single, a good student, a hard-working junior employee.” Version 2.0 was “married, a father, and a partner at a VC firm.” Version 3.0 has been all that, but, in addition, “an entrepreneur, as the Founder of a new VC firm.”

I see a similar progression with entrepreneurs. You start as a low-level employee, grateful for an entry-level position. You then aspire to be a VP, a senior management of an exec. team. Then, maybe, you want to be a Founder or CEO. The opportunities, and challenges, with each step, are different.

I strongly recommend the TED Talk. It is only 13 minutes long.

So, what’s your version X.0 of yourself?

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