People are free to believe what they want. And, the Christian world has done more than its fair share in persecuting Muslims. But, when ISIS is killing children because of their parents’ religious beliefs, I’m horrified and am going to speak out against it.

I’m surprised the story has been under-reported in mainstream media. So, to increase awareness, I’ve changed my social media profiles to this:

It’s the letter “N” in Arabic, short for “Nazarene.” ISIS has been putting it on Christian homes to mark them. Symbols are very powerful and have been used to label races, faiths and creeds as “other.”

So, I’m embracing this symbol as part of the #WeAreN movement (more here). I’m also donating to a humanitarian aid program targeting Iraqi refugees. Many have fled their homes suddenly and find themselves in the wilderness without food, shelter, water or medical care. Click here, if you’d like to donate, too.

Honestly, I’m at a loss as to what else I can do. It’s a horrible situation in Iraq and Syria.

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    Jo I am equally horrified but not surprised with the lack of press coverage. The pres is protecting the President and are total Islam apologists.

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