Moving to North Dakota

A high school classmate, Doug Stagnaro, has moved. He and his family have gone from Montgomery County, Maryland (1MM people) to Mylo, North Dakota (20 people).  Yes, 20 people.

He bought a 20-acre farm. His neighbors are mostly Mennonites.  The local public school, from kindergarten to senior year of high school, numbers 41 students. New neighbors swing by and drop off homemade bread and cakes.

He is writing about his adventures at this blog. It’s pretty cool to read. He acknowledges the fear and second thoughts he’s experienced but also highlights the new joys and adventures.

I really laud Doug for taking such a huge step to transform his life. He’s been thinking about this for some time after radically changing his diet and being more conscious of a healthier lifestyle.

This reminds me of another adventure. Some friends, Greg and Dana White, traveled around the world for a year with their four children. It wasn’t a luxury trip by any means. They wanted to teach their children “life lessons.” You can read about that here. Amazing.

I think it would be tragic never to actualize a dream you’ve always had. I find, particularly in myself, that there can be a strange disconnect between what you want to do and what you actually do. The scarcest resource we have is our time. It isn’t money, opportunity or contacts.

I think making change to optimize our time is really hard. That’s why I so admire what Doug has done.

All the best to you and your family, Doug!

2 thoughts on “Moving to North Dakota

  1. Thanks for the great shout out. You and your family are always welcome at the Little Red Barn Farm. I will be in Boston Sunday (late) through Wednesday so maybe we can connect for drink – I’m staying at the Westin for aGSK meeting.

    1. absolutely! sunday night is out but what’s your availability rest of the week? message me on FB with details. happy to drive to you.

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