What Is Your Self-Worth?

Amidst the high tech and start-up circles, you run into a lot of driven, super-educated and dynamic folks. It’s a Type A crowd. Some are already quite wealthy. Yet, I know some of them are quite unhappy.

I’ve been very involved with all of my business school class reunions, and so, I get to keep in touch with many classmates. I’ve noticed something. At the 5th Reunion, there was a lot of talk about jobs and careers. By the 15th, the discussions were more about personal growth and family. Over time, we cared less about status and money.

I write about this because I recently read a letter from the head of school at Newton Country Day School. Sister Barbara Rogers writes a monthly note to the community. Here are some sentences that caught my eye:

For our girls to come to know God, to recognize his tremendous love for them, is to give our girls great power. In a culture that says to girls that how you look is what is most important and where you go to college is the measure of worth, this deep sense of God’s grace is freeing. We hold out a vision that goodness, generosity, compassion and the satisfaction of making use of the talents we have been given are the route to a happy life.

I love Mission-based organizations. I really admire the culture Sister Rogers sets for her school.

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