What ISIS Is Doing

I try to read a lot and am stunned that I didn’t know this about the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS): they’re crucifying people and killing children by the hundreds to encourage conversion to Islam. Some children are being beheaded!

I heard about this at Church today on Sunday, and was so surprised that I Googled about it when I got home. I won’t link to the horrific pictures and videos I found. Instead, click here for a good and non-sensationalized summary of the ethnic and minority “cleansing” that is going on.

Honestly, every religion has been both aggressor and victim over the ages. No one is innocent on this count. To kill in the name of God, to me, feels like the ultimate irony. And, it sows the seeds for vengeance in the future, which perpetuates the cycle of violence.

Secular fanaticism has fared no better: Nazism, Stalinism, the Khmer Rouge, the murdering of Catholics during the Spanish Civil War and the French Revolution, etc. All of these movements emphasized utilitarianism, whereby the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the view, to paraphrase Spock.

When the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia, for example, they killed anyone who wore glasses, went to college and/or spoke a foreign language. They sought a “pure” agrarian society, emptying the cities and forcing everyone to move to the countryside. In just four years, 25% of the population died. More here.

I’m very saddened by the human suffering happening in Iraq and Syria. In this very real battle, I stand with the children, whether they’re Muslim, Christian, Turkmen, Shabaks or Yazidis.

They’re the innocent ones.

I’m proud that my wife and one of our children have decided last minute to go to a prayer service today in our town center. But, when I Googled online for a charity that is sending humanitarian aid to Iraq and Syria, I couldn’t find one.

Let me know if you know of one? I’d love to give.

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