What’s Up with Our Food Supply?


It’s an overcast Sunday morning on Labor Day weekend. The cool air and grey skies make me glance ahead to autumn. So, I will be cooking a roast chicken with gravy for dinner, and also, a vegan and gluten-free apple crisp (sans the nuts) for dessert. Some kids will demand vanilla ice cream, too. Autumn flavors and aromas.

Regarding the fruit crisp, I’m cooking such a version because we have some family food allergies to nuts, eggs and dairy; also, my wife is avoiding wheat as much as possible. She finds that she has more energy when she does so.

As for me, I a few years ago tried to eliminate as much white flour as I could from my diet. I find that I have more energy as a result. I read online how are bodies aren’t used to consuming so much simple sugar, which leads to the overshooting of insulin and the accompanying sugar “crash.” I then looked up how various foods rated on the Glycemic Index. Many everyday food items create a “roller coaster” of blood sugar that seems to wreak havoc on the body.

All this makes me think of this: what’s up with our food supply? There’s an alarming increase in food allergies and sensitivities. And, no one seems to no why.

I find it ironic that the average American’s lifestyle is more comfortable than Roman emperors’ during the height of the Roman Empire. Yet, we increasingly are bound by what we eat.

I’d love any pointers to any research about which you may know. Something doesn’t feel right. Over-processed and “cheap” food are having a toll. Others think that selectively-bred wheat over centuries has led to a strain that maximizes crop yield but to which some bodies have sensitives.

We are a rich nation. But, something is wrong with our food supply, IMO.

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