Yale’s Whim ‘n Rhythm

I just returned from one of my favorite events of the year, which is an alumni assembly at Yale. I feel insanely grateful for having had the opportunity to go there.

Every year, various representatives gather in New Haven to meet up and talk about various topics, such as volunteer opportunities, admissions updates, and this year, a brief meeting with the new University President.

And, coming back to campus elicits some strong emotions. For example, I ran into one alumnus, who was making his first trip back in 30 years. “All day,” he said, “I’ve been moving between joy and tears.” I know what he means. Last year was my first alumni assembly (more here), and it created a rush of many, many memories.

For me, I love coming back to a college that has meant so much to my personal development. It’s really fun also to reconnect with other alumni. But, for me, a high point is the interactions with students.

At one particular dining venue, some singing groups periodically come and sing to guests. Below (or here) is a video I recorded of Whim ‘n Rhythm, which is comprised of women seniors. They let me hang with them for a little bit, and we talked a bit about career choices and life in general. I really enjoyed the interactions.

I’m still stunned that decades have gone by since I graduated from college. The campus looks the same and has the same sounds and a unique scent of elm and oak leaves. It’s amazing to eat in the same dining hall and walk the same streets and sidewalks.

So, thank you Whim ‘n Rhythm for the good cheer and fun conversation. I wish you all the best as you finish your senior year!

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