A Customer Save

I am grateful to the folks at the Herb Chambers Sudbury car dealership: Adam Orlando, Al Jonuz, Jason Herndon, Madison Loreeon, and Shawn Cook.

Five years ago, I bought a car from them. I love driving it, but it has been a service headache. The dealership has been great, but the manufacturer for that model has a quality issue. My car has been in and out of service for a total of 43 days.

I decided to say something to a service employee during my last service visit. “I know this isn’t your fault,” I said, “but this is my second service visit in two days.”

Suddenly, I was whisked to the Service Director’s office and he offered to do something for me. I was looking to sell the vehicle in a few months anyways.

In the end, they gave me a great deal on a newish car. They lobbied corporate to subsidize the sale in a very significant way, bought back my car at a fair price, passed 100% of a dealer incentive to me, and helped secure a prorated refund on an extended warranty program that I had bought, given the vehicle’s spotty track record.

So, I now have a new vehicle at significantly below cost. I appreciate what so many people did to make this happen, and I am very grateful to them. A customer save.

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