Square Cash, Orvis, and FedEx Customer Support

Square Cash and Orvis have great online customer support. FedEx really bombed.

As a recovering ENTJ, I strive for max. efficiency when dealing with companies. So, I try to use online channels whenever possible. Over the past week, I’ve had to deal with three companies’ support groups and thought I’d note how they went.

We pay as many vendors as we can with Square Cash. It’s simple, free, and easy. One of our payees one day had a hard time working with his account, and so, I sent a Tweet to @SqSupport. Within a few minutes, I actually received a Tweet back and a request to DM them the details.

The issue was soon solved. I was pretty amazed.

I had a question about my order and decided on a Friday night to Live Chat with them (yes, my weekends are scintillating). I’m not a big fan of chats, but I didn’t want to deal with a phone call. So, I opened two browser windows and started a chat with Orvis whilst doing some email work.

It was great. The rep. answered my question very quickly. Efficient.

I sent a package via Fedex. Unfortunately, they accidentally sent the package back to me. So, I sent a Tweet to @FedExHelp. And, waited. Waited some more.

After no word back in a day, I sent another Tweet to them. And, waited. Crickets.

Never got a response from them. A big fail. I then had to do the unthinkable: pick up the phone and talk with a human being.

I’ll copy them on this blog post when I Tweet it, and it will be interesting if they will even acknowledge the post or respond in any way.

Three interesting customer support experiences.

Edit, 3/31/16
@FedExHelp finally replied. Four days later, though.

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