A Little Big Diner Friday

All this Election-year Scheisse is pissing me off. So, I again went to Little Big Diner for a Friday lunch (a prior post here).

Some piquant green papaya salad? Why, yes, thank you.

Some miso ramen with chewy noodles, a perfectly-cooked soft egg, and porky bits? You betcha.

And, given that it is summer and a Friday, how about a craft Pilsner? Well, how did you know?

Add to that a great server in Dylan, who dishes out free samples of stuff like pineapple sambal, then you have to head over to Little Big Diner. An offshoot of the much-acclaimed restaurant Sycamore, this is no regular diner. Instead, it’s an Asian-ish menu that features saké on tap, ramen, rice bowls, and all sorts of goodies.

There. I feel better already.

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