Food Friday: The Don’s BBQ

Run, don’t walk, to The Don’s BBQ. It’s a new restaurant in Watertown, MA, conveniently located to both the city and the suburbs.

For many years, Sebastian DiFelice offered his succulent food at local events and pop-ups. I’ve been a fan for a long time (prior posts here and here) of his Texas-style smoked beef, chicken, and pork. But, now that I’ve eaten at his restaurant, I can unhesitatingly say that his food is even better. Perhaps, it’s because the many years of effort led him to evolve his dry rubs and his cooking techniques. Or, eating something fresh from the oven adds a certain X-factor.


The Boston Globe has taken notice. They published a very positive article here. And, put the restaurant on the list of “Top 5 things to eat and drink in Boston right now” (here).

For climate change, our family is eating much less meat these days. But, sometimes a break from a fast is called for, and I can think of no other place worthy of that occasion than The Don’s BBQ. It’s a friendly crew, even when they’re swamped. I arrived early for lunch and am glad I did: the place was already hopping with hungry customers.

A Happy Friday to all!

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