The BBQ Don’s Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

Among the amazing birthday gifts my friends gave to me was this: a whole smoked brisket from The BBQ Don.

I’m a huge fan of BBQ, and as I’ve written before here, The BBQ Don has the best brisket I’ve ever tasted. When I told Mrs. T. about his upcoming Thanksgiving Special, she enthusiastically thought we should order it.

It includes a brined-and-smoked turkey, all the sides, and a pie. As we have food allergies in the family, we will be cooking some of our own dishes, too.

But, for the first time ever, we will buy and not cook the turkey. That is because smoked turkey is amazing, and very few people know how to do it. One Thanksgiving, one of Mrs. T.’s uncles made one. It was delicious and unforgettable.

More details here, if you’re interested and are in the Metro Boston area. Deadline is Nov. 15.

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