Marathon Monday–Let Freedom Ring!

It’s a brilliant day for Marathon Monday here in Boston. The sun is out and the temp will be in the 60s. My wife and some of our kids will be at Heartbreak Hill to cheer on our friends.

Hard to believe that the following happened a year ago: bombings, carjackings, a city locked down, gun battles in the street amidst tossed grenades. Absolute insanity. A living nightmare.

We have many friends running this year’s Boston Marathon. Many didn’t finish last year when the bombs detonated and the marathon was halted amid the chaos. Many more, who are new runners, vowed to run this year. They trained during a long and icy winter.

Many are running for freedom, to show terrorists that they didn’t succeed in creating a climate of fear.

Last year, my youngest child and I were at Fenway Park on Marathon Day. We left the area about an hour before the bombs went off. Thankfully, we didn’t go to the Marathon finish line, which I’ve done many years in the past.

Then, came the manhunt for the terrorists, during which we were confined to our home, as we are a 5-min. drive away from the shoot-out area. I still remember the consistent drone of helicopters circling overhead. I listened to the police scanner all day, as a surreal day unfolded (more here).

Then, at long last, the end of it all: the last bomber was caught, and there was a whole city’s desire to buy drinks for 9,000 first responders. My favorite memory of those moments is this short video, which captured the spontaneous eruption of joy in the streets (or click here):

My best wishes to all the runners who race today for many, many good charities. And, of course, to the victims, the survivors and their families.

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