Our Family Angel Program: Update

We are expanding our “leverage capitalism for altruism” family angel program. I feel a variety of emotions as I write that: gratitude, disbelief, and joy. As I told Mrs. T: “This doesn’t feel real!”

I fortunately co-led Carbon Black’s first VC round, back when it was called Bit9 (more here and here).

When the company went public, our family decided to take my personal winnings and invest them in startups. The ultimate goal? We will give away any and all gains to charities.

Two days ago, VMware (NYSE: VMW) completed its $2.1 billion acquisition of the company, which means we now can back 80 entrepreneurs, not the 50 for which we had originally budgeted. Details, including our investment criteria, here.

Honestly, when these liquidity events happen, they feel surreal. I’m just happy that we can support more entrepreneurs.

We’ve set up a low-friction questionnaire here, if you’re an entrepreneur looking for funding.

Thank you!

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