Thank You Andrew Dennen, Tom Austin, and the Red Sox

I want to thank Andrew Dennen, Tom Austin and the Red Sox organization. They recently made a boy’s day. I wrote about him in the past here and here. His father is ill and cannot work. They live in public housing. The mother is trying to keep it all together.

The boy’s mother recently wrote me and asked me to inquire about scholarships for the Red Sox Summer Baseball Camp. When I wrote in, a team representative mentioned that they didn’t offer scholarships, but they would think about it.

Andrew just called to say they’ve decided to give a free week of camp to the boy. I think that’s so cool, making an exception to do the right thing.

What the Sox have done reminds me of an interesting kids’ book, about which I just heard. It is “Have You filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids,” by Carol McLoud. The idea is that we all carry buckets and sometimes we are giving from the bucket to others, and in other times, we are taking from other people’s buckets.

Some may view it as spreading good karma. I imagine it as a “bucket of grace.” Sometimes we are givers of grace. Sometimes we are takers of grace.

Thank you Andrew and Tom!

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