Thank You C.A. Webb & NEVCA

I’m writing to thank C.A. Webb and the New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA). I’ve been on the Board, and now, I will be rolling off next month. Timing works well, as I will be starting a term as a Trustee at The Roxbury Latin School.

At Kepha, we have a policy of getting each other’s OK before getting involved with non-Kepha work. VCs are often asked to get involved, which is a good thing, but over time may have too many commitments, which can be a bad for our entrepreneurs and LPs in our view. My POV is that the most precious resource a VC has is not capital but, instead, is his/her time.

So, we have a transparent view into each other’s extracurriculars, and ask each other to limit our involvement to just a few things at a time and consider term limits. My partners were OK with my being on the Board, provided there was a two-year limit.

Hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly! I was happy to help bring to town speakers such as Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Foundry’s Brad Feld and First Round’s Josh Kopelman.  C.A. and I also helped kick off a “coffee with a VC series,” which was fun to do.

But, above all, it has been really fun to see C.A. have such an impact on the local start-up scene. She is talented, dynamic and passionate. If you get to know her, she is an incredibly strong, optimistic and resilient executive.

Thank you, C.A.!  Hard to believe our dinner at Craigie on Main with Curt Nickisch was so long ago.  Will never forget when you, Michael and I celebrated your daughter’s birth over live blues and raw oysters. Been great to work with you, and I’m so honored to call you my friend.

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