Angel Investment:

I’m really excited to write that our family angel program has invested in

Founder Jack Huntress is a very thoughtful and thorough entrepreneur. From the moment we met him, we found him to be a very transparent and driven, traits that we really like to see. Jack also has overcome prior life challenges, showing incredible resilience. is an online platform whereby home inspectors and realtors can keep their services in front of consumers in a timely way. Consumers in turn have access to a data repository that lets them easily track the maintenance needed for the home.

With not much capital raised, the company is growing and already nearly profitable.

We have invested because of Jack. Moreover, we did so because the value proposition really resonated. I wish existed when we bought our first home. It certainly would have made our lives much easier. For more details, there’s a video at the bottom.

This is our third investment in two months (others are and tEQuitable). We should slow things down!

Jack, thank you for letting us invest! Joe Caruso, thank you for the introduction!

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