Angel Investment: UptimeHealth

We’re happy to announce that our family angel program (back 50+ entrepreneurs and donate all gains to charity; details here) has invested in UptimeHealth. It is our 11th investment so far (portfolio here).

We had heard great things about co-founder Jinesh Patel, and so, reached out to meet him.

The company offers a platform that allows medical providers to find and book maintenance companies for its medical equipment. As technology has become cheaper and smaller, very expensive machinery is now deployed at many locations and not just at hospitals.

Have you ever driven by a strip mall and seen a sign for a surgical center? That’s right, surgery can now be done at many remote locations.

Caring and maintaining the expensive machinery to let all that happen is a very friction-filled and inconvenient process, and that’s where Jinesh and his team come in.

We are really excited to be working with Jinesh, who impressed us with his honesty and thoughtfulness.

Thank you, Jinesh, for letting us invest! 

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