A Sad Day

Oct 18

In: Personal

A sad day today.

This morning, two food-service workers who worked in our building were in a terrible accident. One person has died.

Then, I just learned that JoJo David, our parish choir director, passed away a few hours ago, leaving behind his wife and young daughter.

After a long bout in the hospital, JoJo a few months ago returned briefly to our parish to lead the music at Mass. After the service, I went up to him, to tell him how much we all were praying for him, how much we cared. His eyes started to well up. All we could do after was silently shake hands for a long time.

Now, I will remember that moment for a long time.

Yes, a very sad day.

Bad Stuff

Oct 17

In: Social justice

Mrs. T. and I have been chatting off and on about what happens when people are devalued and are treated as a means to an end. Bad stuff happens.

Then, this morning, I listened to a riveting podcast about a hostage situation about which I’ve never heard before. It’s from This American Life. Here is the description:

A journalist named Meron Estefanos gets a disturbing tip. She’s given a phone number that supposedly belongs to a group of refugees being held hostage in the Sinai desert. She dials the number, and soon dozens of strangers are begging her to rescue them. How can she ignore them?

I’ve embedded the podcast player below, but you also can click here.

The Election in Two Charts

Oct 12

In: Politics

I last night saw two interesting charts at FiveThirtyEight.com. The first shows how the electoral vote totals would look if only women voted.


The second shows the outcome if only men voted.


Wow. Full article here.


Oct 11

In: Entrepreneurship, Fly fishing, Personal, Technology and VC

In New England, Monday was a holiday. For the long weekend, I went to Barkhamsted, CT, to fish. I rented a small room on a river.

Fished about eight to 10 hours a day. Water was very low, which made for very challenging conditions. The fish spooked easily, and so, you had to slowly creep up to them while hunched over and cast while kneeling on the river’s bottom.

I fished alone. It was a great time to enjoy nature and have some time to be introspective. Fishing is both a means and an end for me. A time for spiritual renewal.

On Sunday, it rained all day, and I was nearly the only one out there. But, that is when the fishing is best. It is a bit like life in general, whether it is VC or entrepreneurship or research. You want to be doing what others are not able or willing to do. That is when you know you’re working on something special, something that is unique.

This large brown trout was the fish of the trip.

Other good-sized fish, 15″ to 16″, showed up.

Sometimes, the smallest fish are the prettiest. I caught many wild baby landlocked salmon and brown trout.

A fish gracefully finning in place is amazing. Here is a video of a fish I had just released.

The views were stunning.

Lunch usually was PB&J sandwiches. They taste best when made on the trunk of my car and eaten next to the river.

Hope everyone had a restful weekend.

The VP Debate

Oct 5

In: Comedy, Politics

Here’s a very funny, and insightful, review of last night’s VP Debate. From The Daily Show and Trevor Noah: